Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated (LISI) has been building custom law firm websites for nearly 20 years. With LISI Express we bring that deep knowledge to websites for solo and smaller practices.

Founded by a practicing lawyer in 1998, LISI’s core philosophy is that the legal profession – and each law firm – is unique. To truly understand the business of law and a law firm’s marketing needs, the ideal team would be made up of people who are lawyers and those with in-house law firm marketing experience.

And that's what the LISI is -- former law firm marketing directors, heads of digital marketing departments, and lawyers with extensive marketing experience. Added to this team are experienced graphic designers, writers, and web technology and marketing professionals. Together, we understand law firm culture, marketing ethics, and the potential roadblocks (and how to overcome them) that can occur in a website project.



  • LISI Launched LISI Express, a faster and easier way to launch sites for smaller firms.
  • “Responsive web design” was coined by Ethan Marcotte, who defined it to mean fluid grid/flexible images/media queries. To us, it means site have to workseamlessly across all devices without any extra effort from our clients.
  • Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, changing the way people work and live in a mobile world.There’s an app for everything now.
  • LinkedIn launches as an online professional network. Are we connected?
  • We all survived Y2K.
  • Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated earns its first client and starts making the world a better place for law firm internet marketing.